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Online share trading meaning: Online trading, often known as online share trading, executes orders through the internet. You can purchase, sell, and amend orders using share trading online. Online trading encompasses more than simply equities. If you register an online trading account, you may trade stocks, ETFs, futures, currency futures, and currency options all from the same platform. The most significant aspect of internet trading is not the system or the pace it provides.

It is the fact that online trading places the consumer at the center of the entire thing that distinguishes share trading online. The client is the core or heart of every online trade activity. That is when the true significance of internet trading comes into play. This section will explain how your portal to share trading online empowers you with the share trading account online. In this article, you will get to understand what is online share trading.

Online trading is straightforward, pleasant, and attractive. Once your account gets activated, all you need to start trading is your share online trading user name, password, and second level authentication. You may access your online trading account via a PC, laptop, smartphone, or notepad, or you can download an app for your mobile device.
rnKeep in mind that the goal of online trading is to acquire better control over your trading account. You are someone who issues the order and is responsible for its implementation. 

You do not have to rely on a trader or a broker to implement orders on your account while trading online. There are several physical or offline trade issues, like you may not interact with the dealer or find that you are not receiving excellent pricing. 

You have complete and comprehensive control over the whole process, from order placement to executing, amending, and monitoring it.

Because you perform the majority of the activities in internet trading, brokers typically provide reduced commissions. The broker is not required to maintain front-office infrastructure, and a back-end call-and-trade facility is sufficient for online traders. Typically, these economic benefits get passed on to you.

Online trading, often known as share trading online, is a type of trading technique that can get done from anywhere and at any time. It makes no difference whether you are in India or somewhere else globally. You may still access your trading account through the internet and conduct transactions anywhere. Most online trading systems also allow you to submit orders at night and execute them the following day.

Online share trading is mostly menu-driven and done with a single click. Depending on the situation, you can put the order at the best price or submit a limit order or a market order. If the order didn’t execute, you can change the price and quantity and see the changed status in your order and trade book. You can also cancel the deal if you change your mind, as long as it did not get executed because after it is complete, the order can only get amended using the share trading account online.

You don’t need to look for excellent research ideas constantly. It is right in front of you, and you may choose the most significant ideas and have them implemented. Online trading is much more than simply execution; it is also about researching ideas and using screeners. All of this, when combined, strengthens the trading platforms trading platform. Effectively, all of them are tools to assist you in operating better and more smoothly. These online tools might help you improve your trading experience regarding share trading online.

When it comes to internet trading, your plan of action might be shocking. For example, suppose you go through a news article and decide to make a transaction. What should you do next? Your online share trading account will enable you to select the piece of news and execute the deal with a single click. That’s a lot of influence and versatility right at your fingertips, and it’s only achievable with share trading online.

Benefits of Online Share Trading

Online share trading has multiple benefits associated with it.

It Cuts Away the Middleman

You can purchase and sell without dealing with your broker. It makes internet trading appealing to those who do not have the financial resources to deal with full-service brokers.

It’s Less Expensive and Faster

You use a broker to execute your transactions. However, when you trade online, a brokerage fee is applied when you trade online, although it is pretty less than what a typical broker would charge you if you had to place a deal physically. Trading online is virtually quick.

It Provides You More Control Over Your Money

One of the most significant benefits of online trading is allowing you more control over your assets. With online trading, you may trade anytime you want throughout trading hours, and you can also make your own decisions without intervention from the broker.

You Can Track Your Real-time Investments

Your online share trading platform contains many modern techniques and interfaces to track your investment performance and conduct your research when connecting from your computer or smartphone.

A Better Grasp of One’s Financial Situation

It is a personal benefit of internet trading that you should not overlook. You can forecast market behavior and use it to predict an increase or decrease in stock price, much like in traditional stock trading. You’ll be in command of your money and held accountable for it. Over time, you gain experience analyzing the market and distinguishing between excellent and bad investing possibilities.

This financial expertise is hugely beneficial, and having it on your CV makes you more desirable to organizations wanting to fill a high-paying position in the accounting department. So, while you’re making a quick profit, you’re also becoming financially savvy in both your work and personal life.

Difference Between Investing and Trading


Trading is a method of retaining stocks for a set period of time. It could occur once a week or once a day! Traders hold stocks until they achieve short-term high performance, whereas investors use a buy-and-hold strategy. Investors put their money to work for years, decades, or even millennia at a time. Short-term market fluctuations have no bearing on a long-term investment strategy.

Capital Gains

Traders monitor the market’s stock price fluctuation. Traders may sell their assets if the price rises.  Simply said, trading is the ability to time the market, whereas investing is the art of accumulating wealth over time by generating interest and dividends by keeping excellent assets in the market.


Without a doubt, the capital risk is there in both trading and investing. On the other hand, trading has more significant risks and bigger potential rewards because the cost can go low or high in a short time. It has reduced risk and lower profits in the near run, but it may produce better returns through compounding interest and dividends if kept over a longer time. Daily market cycles have little impact on excellent stock investments for a more extended period.


Trading stocks has recently become just as simple as purchasing online. Investors may do this while sitting in a cafe, using their smartphones. All you need is a decent internet connection, a membership to a 3-in-1 account, a mobile banking app, and enough money in your bank account.

Fortunately, all tedious paperwork got minimized to a simple click or touch on a smartphone device. There are several paid and free mobile and online applications and trade platforms.

Investing in stocks requires riding the market’s numerous ups and downs. Since the advent of internet trading, investing in India has become more convenient. When it comes to long-term wealth growth, stock market investing is an excellent option. However, it may take some time for you to polish your talents.

If you keep all of these considerations in mind, online share trading meaning is simple, and online share trading will become a successful chore for you. The key to effective share trading online is practice. Stock trading is a long-term strategy that demands patience and persistence. The main advantage of online trading is that investors may seek the assistance of specialized customer service in the event of any clarifications or inquiries.