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Add a nominee to the Angle account for smooth asset and securities transfer in case of the account holder’s death. User-friendly process, updated version, a guide for a seamless process.

To Add a Nominee to Your Angel One Demat Account, Follow these Steps:

Step 1: Visit Angel One Website:

Go to the Angel One website at

Step 2: Login

Log in to your Angel One online account using your Client ID and MPIN. You may need to enter an OTP for verification purposes.

angel one nominee login

Step 3: Access Account Section:

Once logged in, navigate to the “Account” section of the portal.

Step 4: Profile Settings:

Click on the “Profile” button under the account section.

angel one nominee profile

Step 5: Nominee Details:

Look for the option “View All Categories – Details of Nominee and more” and click on it.

angel one nominee details

Step 6: Nominee Section:

Click on the word “Nominee” (the link to proceed with adding a nominee).

angel one nominee section

Step 7: Add Nominee:

On the subsequent page, select “Add Nominee” to begin adding a nominee to your Demat account.

angel one nominee add

Step 8: Provide Nominee Information:

Fill in the required details for the nominee, including their Name, Date of Birth, PAN No., Share Percentage, and their relationship with you. Ensure that the total share percentage of all nominees equals 100% if adding multiple nominees.

Step 9: Add More Nominees (If Necessary):

If you want to add more nominees, use the “Add nominee” button to include additional nominees.

angel one add more nominees

Step 10: Submit E-Signature:

Click on the “Submit E-Sign” button to proceed.

Step 11: Authorize E-Signature:

You’ll be redirected to an e-signature portal where you’ll need to authorize the service by checking a box at the top. Enter your Aadhaar number or Virtual ID in the specified box.

Step 12: OTP Verification:

angel one nominee otp

Click on “Send OTP,” enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number and email, and click on “Verify OTP.”

After completing these steps, the nominee addition request will be processed by Angel One, which may take up to 2 days to complete.

If you prefer an offline process, you can fill out a nomination form with your account details and physical signature, then send it via courier to the head office address of Angel One along with a copy of your ID proof.

Remember, the nominee helps ensure a smooth transfer of your investments to your legal heir in case of an unfortunate event, providing financial security and simplifying procedures for your family members.