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square off by nirmal bang

Square off is a settlement type from the investor’s viewpoint in which all the shares that the investor purchased are completely sold off as well, usually to profit from the price shift. Squaring off might assist in reducing losses or boosting profits in the current position.

Square-off transactions are mandatory for the intraday trading session, so if an investor does not close his holding position, a broker performs it on their behalf.

Steps to do Square Off by Nirmal Bang

1Shares (Buy or Sell)
2Square off Time

How Do I square off by Nirmal Bang?

Step 1.The first position (buy or sell) does not direct the broker to transfer the shares to the investor’s Demat account; rather, the shares are kept until squared off, at which point profits and losses are accurately recorded.

Step 2. Nirmal Bang auto-square-off starts at 3:10 PM (20 minutes before the market closes). 

If you are trading intraday with Nirmal Bang and haven’t switched positions by 3.10 p.m., the auto square will be arranged for each of your opened positions at no cost to you.