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amc in angel one

To maintain a Demat account with Angel One, a renowned brokerage company providing a wide range of services to investors, Account Maintenance Charges (AMC) are required. The secure and convenient keeping of financial assets, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other securities in an electronic format, is made possible via demat accounts.

Understanding the AMC is crucial to managing your assets, and Angel One strives to offer its clients a user-friendly and economical experience. Let’s examine Account Maintenance Fees in Angel One in more detail:

Account Maintenance Charges in Angel One 

Here are the AMC charges in Angle One:

Account Opening FeesFree
Brokerage on Delivery TradeFree
Account Maintenance ChargesFree for 1st Year
From 2nd Year Onwards…
Account Maintenance Charges (Non-BSDA Clients)₹20 + Tax / Month
Account Maintenance Charges (BSDA Clients)Holding Value Less Than 50,000: NIL
Holding Value Between 50,000 to 2,00,000: ₹100 + Tax / Year
DP Charges₹20 Per Debit Transaction
DP Charges (BSDA Clients)₹50 Per Debit Transaction
Pledge Creation / Closure₹20 Per ISIN
Pledge Creation / Closure (BSDA Clients)₹50 Per ISIN
Demat₹50 Per Certificate
Remat₹50 Per Certificate + Actual CDSL Charges
Call & Trade / Offline TradeAdditional Charges of ₹20 / Order

Important Notes

  • `Utilize value-added services and AI-based advice solutions for wise investment judgments and asset maximization.
  • Evaluate investing needs and compare multiple brokerage firms to find the best fit.
  • Expect a simple and affordable Demat account experience with Angel One.
  • Benefit from several helpful services aimed at enhancing the investing journey.