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place stop loss order in groww

A stop-loss order is a buy/sell order placed to limit losses when there is a concern that prices may move against the trade. Groww account provides simple and practical steps on how to access the stop loss feature in their account. To place a stop loss order, follow the below steps provided.

Steps to Place Stop Loss Order in Groww

1Find and choose a stock
2Select Quantity of Stock
3Enter Stop Loss Amount
4Click on Stop Loss Order

How Do I Place a Stop Loss Order in Groww?

When you make a standard buy or sell order (Market or Limit), you can choose the SL option by selecting ‘Advanced Options’.

Select the ‘SL -Stoploss Order’ option and then enter the ‘SL trigger Price’. Your order will be performed whenever the stock’s live price reaches the tigger price. 

Stop loss order in Intraday trading

Step 1: From the order menu, follow the below steps for placing the stop loss order in Intraday trading.

Step 2: Now, choose the stock for which you want to place a stop loss order.

groww stop loss intraday

Step 3: Enter the desired quantity in the provided field. 

groww stop loss intraday quantity

Step 4: Now, Enter the amount you wish to prevent the loss on the given stop loss field which is located under the “ Sell order” option.

groww stop loss intraday add

Step 5: Click on SL( Stop loss)  Order.

groww stop loss intraday click sl

Stop Loss for Delivery Orders

Step 1: Click on the stock you wish to place a stop loss order. 

Step 2: Now, enter the quantity and find the option SL order in the top right corner. 

groww stop loss delivery select stock

Step 3: Click on the “ SL” ( Stop loss ) order and process it by clicking on continue.

groww stop loss delivery select sl

By carefully following the above steps, you will be able to place a stop loss order in Groww account.