What Are Account Maintenance Charges In Dhan?

Last Updated: May 07, 2024 Value Broking 1 Mins 2.6K
account maintenance charges in dhan

Account Maintenance Charges charges are fees that are paid to safeguard the security of your holdings within the demat account. 

Demat Account Maintenance Charges for Dhan

Account Opening Fees₹ 0 account opening charges.
Annual Maintenance Charges₹ 0 AMC.
DP Transaction Charges₹ 12.50 / instruction / ISIN + GST.
Pledge Charges₹ 12.5 / transaction / ISIN + GST. Involves all requests including pledge, unpledge and invocation.

Other Charges

Platform Charges₹ 0 platform charges.
Auto-Square Off Charges₹ 20 / order + GST. For intraday order automatically squared by our team before market closure.
Call & Trade₹ 50 / order + GST. For every order placed through our trade desk.
Payment Gateway₹ 0 charges on UPI payments & net banking.
Interest Charges0.0438% per day on outstanding MTF and non MTF debit and non maintenance of 50:50 margin.
CUSPA Charges₹ 12.50 / instruction / ISIN + GST. On transfer of shares to CUSPA due to debit in the account.

Disclaimer on Pricing & Charges

Please note that brokerage charges that are calculated will be within the maximum rate as specified by SEBI and the exchanges. All other statutory and regulatory charges are as per actuals.